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Shelly LeMay....

Meet Ms.ShellyLemay....


Shelly LeMay designs are the

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About Ms. Shelly LeMay... Shelly LeMay is Owner/Designer/Professor in Secondlife.com, u can find The Family Tree Shopping Mall @  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Family%20Tree%20Estates/104/167/25 in Secondlife.com and online gaming experience where you are the creator the designer or just a place to play out your fantasies!  Shelly LeMay has for 5 years has been a resident of Secondlife, and taught herself photoshop, a design tool to help her become one of many premiere designers in Secondlife, but she didnt stop there!...Shelly saw the need for more teachers of the craft and in 2007 opened Atlantislove Unversity where she has taught and still teaches all she knows starting with photoshop, and for a minimal price, shes your teacher for life,she has mentored dozens and is well loved among her family and friends in secondlife, and has a special connection with Wishedon Pastuer the author of this web page, whom without, Shelly would have given up long ago! Wishedon has motivated Shelly and mentored her in ways that only a true friend could and they have bonded not only in Secondlife but real life as well! If you are ever in Secondlife, stop by and say hello to Ms. Shelly LeMay, her doors are always open!!!

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more of her STUNNING designs coming soon!