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Claire Engel~ our Fav!
Dear Wishedon,
Is there a spring in your town ?!!! I moved to the little village near my work, I have a very nice little house with little garden and it's great. Work is going fine and the ppl are great here. I am in a prettty nice situation (wich changes a bit), now I need love :)))
here is me at my desk, so you can see I am doing well. I have no Internet, they are building the line for .....end of 2012........ we have a satellite here at work, but no way I can SL or Djing.... snifff - low connexion & quotas...SO life is changing, I miss SL of course and my djing, but life is good to me atm so...
I send loads of good things to all your loves
XXXXXX Bisous!


BISOUS! Claire Engel has been our Wish Isle Sound since Wish Isle (one of the oldest sims in Ssecondlife) became itself! And Claire has been a member since 2007! She is a CEO and Featured Merchant/Personality/Person all over Secondlife and you can HEAR her all over Wish Isle!


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Claire says... "BE UNIQUE - BE LOUD!
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I do custom sounds and gestures ! Visit my shops in picks
And Dj MixNix!!!
Hire my Great sounds and Songs featuring my Warm Voice, my Eclectic and Electric Indies Groove Music Choices ! VISIT Yadni's CRASY TECHS BLACK and WISH Isle for my stores.