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to the NEW PERSON or Person Thinking about Trying SecondLife..

Remember to check out all our people - and Our Additions to Wish Isle! And NOW; (drum roll, please) The MUMMY RIDE ~ captured by the Mummy and taken all over Wish Isle, The submarine ride ~ hope in and travel the under-the-Nille wonders and ruins of lost cities of the pharohs, boat romantic Nile in the Queen's barge all the Nile waters, Fly the Wish Sim on Ma-at's wings and see where it all began! See you soon!

Wishedon Properties is a SecondLife Entity dedicated to the CREATION and Support of that/those creation(s) for the individual members of Wishedon Properties ...in and of iteself aims at the freedom to live and create .. rooted deeply in the ancient majic and memory of Egypt .. and before...

Where your Wishes CAN come True!