Wishedon Properties is a SecondLife Entity dedicated to the CREATION and Support of that/those creation(s) for the individual members of Wishedon Properties ... aimed at the freedom to live and create .. rooted deeply in the ancient majic and memory of Egypt .. and before...

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Where Wishes CAN come True!
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 What IS Wish Isle?

Styled on a very "Agatha Christie meets Ancient Egypt" theme, Wishedon has also established beautiful mall spaces inside the exotically textured pyramids.

What IS Wish Isle? ~ by Miralee

WHOOOOPEEEE!!! It's Wish Isle!

WE ALL KNOW how beautifully exotic Egypt is, but there is something extra special about ancient Egyptian sim, Wish Isle that beguiles and entices you back again and again. From the hauntingly beautiful, "Welcome to Wish Isle" greeting when you land, to the moment you leave, you feel as though you really ARE in ancient Egypt.Island creator Wishedon Pasteur brings a certain whackiness into Egyptology that just tickles my fancy. Where else could you make your way to the top of a pyramid and find a cheeseburger (in paradise), a sauna AND a tanning bed?Another little idiosyncratic touch is a train which choofs in, around, over and under the pyramid - with touches of mystery, excitement, retail surprises and quirky monsters around each corner. There are so many nooks and crannies here, that you could easily spend days exploring. It's a treasure trove. I don't know if it was my appalling sense of direction or all the little nooks and crannies, but as I got lost I kept thinking of ancient Egyptian curses& would find things that I thought my friends would like - exotic clothes for Betty .... (discretion Miralee, discretion!), elf sounds for .... mmmmm, I don't have any elven friends ~ Except Wishedon, animations, clubbing, High Fashion and Jewelry, Skins, Animations, furniture (down where the tombs are) for me, gorgeous new hairstyles ...Wishedon even provides free swimsuits for visitors swim, lounge on the beach, ride the caravan or MA-at, sail on the Egyptian Baot and meet one's soul mate.

Again, Wishedon's wit was evident & I will leave it to Wishedon to best explain the vitality and love she has put into Wish Isle:"We are welcoming you to Wish Isle sim with a big bang of play free additions," she annouced enthusiastically. "Our new attractions are all about 'Romance on the Nile"."The best fashion designers in SL are here and visitors can explore our stores by riding the train and caravan inside the pyramid. We also have free camping in tents!""These are all free to visitors and there are lots of buried freebie treasures all over the isle."This incredible island also offers Under $100L fashion sales and a resort condo living with private spa facilities.

Styled on a very Agatha Christie meets Ancient Egypt theme, Wishedon has also established beautiful mall spaces inside the exotically textured pyramids.

"I offer big space - 35 prims for $100L a week and lots of incentives to shop owners and their customers," declared Wishedon. I found the whole Wish Isle experience just so intriguing. The texture of the island is unique - a kind of hard, stoney sand and everywhere you looked, there was always something enticing in the distance - an opening to the outside; a shower of water; an exotic looking avatar; hair adornments; furniture, an archaelogical dig spot.Wish Isle is very much a product of its creator, who points to herself as "a very old lady" and one of the first residents in Second Life. Apart from having an authentic look, Wishedon also adds touches of whimsy, such as freebies scattered around ... "just as tomb robbers dropped something whilst escaping" is how she puts it.

"An endless canvas and paint supply ..." is how Wishedon characterises SL.
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