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Cleopatra's Lair..on WishIsle

||HOME||drum roll please; Leila's Cleopatra's LAIR!


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After spending time riding around Wish Isle....
shopping, and exploring.....

come and relax at Cleopatra's Lair.

The club is cool, soothing, relaxing and romantic.
In keeping with the theme of the Sim,
it is an early-20th Century homage to the
end of the ancient Egyptian Ptolemaic
period, where Egypt, Rome and Greece
were intertwined.
Cleopatra Ptolemy the 7th was acentral figure in the political landscape.
It reflects the riches and influences
of the period, with Lapis Lazuli floors,
Greek columns, and Roman urns.
At the club there are dances for individuals, groups, and couples, or just cool off in the champagne dance glasses.

click each photo for ENLARGED version of Leila

You may even find Leila there, dancing for the sheer fun of it!
The club and Leila's dancing are available for
hire for special occasions.
Leila enjoys avatar photography and has a Photography Studio/Room for your enjoyment on Wish Isle!
So keep your eyes open for this upcoming service
and MORE Exciting Events!

Leila Navarathna is the Designer, General Manager and Owner of Cleopatra's Lair at the very top of Wish Isle Pyramid.

Leila Navarathna is, among other things, a retired belly dancer in RL. She loves fashion, dancing, exploring Second Life, meeting new people, making friends, listening to World Music and a Wishedon's Goddess' skins addict.
IM Leila Navarathna inworld or for questions or help.