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Hello and welcome to Wishedon.com! We would like to show you all about Wish Isle Sim without going inworld!

 We are an adventure themed sim set in 1920's ~ designed to take you on the adventure of your life in Carter's Ancient Egypt! And SHOP while you explore and discover!

Come to Wish Isle and take a ride on the Nile on the Egyptian Boat. Ride the MUMMY will capture and carry you! Dive into the depths of the Nile in the submarine! Traverse the sim on the wild Wish Isle steam train. Relax and enjoy the Slave-Carried Caravan Shop the Hottest designers and creators in the 3 pyramid malls!

You can shop UNDER GROUND at Wishedon's Stores for skins, shapes, Avatar Sets, Clothes, Gowns, Shoes, Hair and Accessories!


Dance and Play at our Club Cleopatra's Lair at the Pyramid top with owner Leila till you walk like an Egyptian!

Come Enjoy Wish Isle Adventure for free! Its the adventure of your secondlife!!

See you inworld soon!

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